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Our Guide to Wireless Internet Providers

With most of the population now using high speed broadband connections there’s a wide array of choices available on the market in terms of providers. For users that need a little more freedom than the regular fixed line internet providers there are wireless internet services. Wireless gives the flexibility of a connection anywhere in the house or office, even in rural areas. First let’s distinguish the difference between home wireless internet plans and mobile internet. Mobile internet refers to a network data connection through a phone or a USB wireless internet device. These are usually 4G or 3G internet connections. Wireless, on the other hand, refers to a fixed home broadband connection (usually DSL or cable) that uses a wireless router.

What are my options?

When weighing your internet options, you can opt for one of two paths. Many broadband providers offer wireless internet access as part of their packages so going with these providers is your first option. The second, which requires a solid understanding of IT equipment, is to get a standard fixed line connection and then install a wireless router. The first option is ideal for individuals who have a limited knowledge of IT equipment because the router is already set up and just needs to be plugged in. The second option is the more complicated method since the router will need to be configured by the user. Each choice caters to a different user so choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

What is the benefit of going wireless?

The most obvious benefit of wireless internet is the freedom it allots you. No more cable connections or tangling lines! This effectively eliminates the need to be stuck in a fixed location and allows you to access the internet anywhere in your home as long as it’s within the router range. Another great advantage is the ability to use multiple computers at home or at work, which means that lack of space will no longer be an issue.

Using Broadband Expert find the best deals

At Broadband Expert, our aim is to compare plans from a wide range of companies in order to find the best deals available in your area. Use the address checker to search for wireless internet providers in your area and then simply compare the prices and features on the comparison table to find the most suitable package. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our experts.