Satellite TV FAQ

Are there satellite TV and internet providers in my area?

Absolutely, they’re available regardless of where you live.

Will I have to buy a new TV, or can I use my current one?

Any TV that you currently own can be used to watch satellite television on. However, if you would like to order a high definition deal, you will need an HD capable TV.

Is there a difference between DISH and DIRECTV?

Yes, each one has different offers and deals.

If I decide to move, will there be additional charges?

DIRECTV does not charge anything if you decide to move within the time of your contract. DISH does have some charges, but they vary depending on the situation.

Can I upgrade my service during my contract?

YES! You can upgrade your service at any time regardless of your contract.

Can I use satellite TV if I live in an apartment?

YES! You can get service if you live in an apartment. You just need to have your landlord sign a waiver with your satellite TV provider to allow for dish installation.

How does it work?

Over the years, television technology has made great leaps and bounds. What was once a complicated process to send and receive messages from a TV set to a receiver is now executed in seconds. Even the physical appearances of television sets have undergone a major transformation. Flat screens, plasma, LCD, and 3-D are common in most households. Television providers used to only be able to transmit programs through receiver antenna and cable but now you can receive a signal through satellite waves. This growth, coupled with better offers and deals, has propelled satellite TV companies to the forefront of television providers and is quickly superseding cable.

Our Before You Buy Checklist

The first step before making any purchase should be gathering information about the subject. In this case that is satellite television and the differences between the different providers. The decision ultimately comes down to Direct TV or DISH based on which one fits your needs better. Take the time to compare the satellite TV reviews, promotions, channel offerings, and equipment costs.

What is Broadband Expert?

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