Best Satellite Internet Providers

Top 5 Providers

#1 DishNet
#2 Exede
#3 HughesNet

Best Satellite Internet Providers 2016

Even in our technologically advanced and progressive era, there are still many remote places in the country that are unable to access high-speed internet via traditional channels. If you’re like most people, the thought of reverting back to basic dial up is enough to make you cringe. Fortunately, there are a variety of providers which offer satellite internet services to communities in these regions. Satellite internet has made great leaps and bounds in terms of quality and value. Gone are the days in which you need to tie up your phone line in order to check emails. The following section lists some important considerations to think about when comparing the various providers.

Considerations when selecting a satellite internet service provider:

The internet is such a central mode of communication that it has become another necessity. From work to home life, it occupies a large portion of our time. With that said, the most important components to keep in mind when comparing satellite internet are:

  • Package and bundle plans available
  • Speed and bandwidth
  • Cost of the services
  • Individual plan features
  • Provider reviews/ratings
  • Customer service trouble shooting

Carefully analyzing these factors will allow you to better determine which provider suits your needs.

1. DishNet
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User Rating
2. Exede
Expert Rating
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3. HughesNet
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