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3. Sprint

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  • Fast network speed
  • Great US coverage
  • Reliable network
  • Access to Wi-FI


  • Poor customer service

Sprint is great choice when you’re looking for mobile broadband especially in terms of speed and coverage. Sprint also has excellent network reliability, surpassed only by Verizon and by a nearly insignificant deficit. Generally, Sprint takes second place in speed after AT&T, although Sprint’s speeds are very fast in their own right.

If you are stuck deciding between Sprint and AT&T and coverage is your last consideration, you will have to look at your specific intentions for your mobile broadband service. Since they cover so much of the country, Sprint does beat AT&T in US network coverage. Though, if you travel outside of the US Sprint has little to no coverage while AT&T has good international coverage.

Sprint’s customer service could be better. They have a bit of notoriety when it comes to poor customer service. According to user review sites like Epinions and Yelp, many customers had problems when dealing with contracts and service representatives. Both national and specific local reviews have many people who weren’t satisfied with the service but some had good experiences with specific employees.

Verdict – Great

Sprint is a quality provider with a lot of good features like high speeds and great coverage. It is sort of a jack of all trades, master of none. Its coverage is great in all areas but other providers are just a bit better in each category. Aside from its poor customer service, Sprint is an overall good service provider.

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