#2 AT&T Wireless

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  • Very fast network speeds
  • Good Network coverage
  • Reliable network
  • Some international coverage
  • Access to Wi-Fi


  • US coverage is not as good as Verizon
  • Mediocre customer service

AT&T is a great choice for mobile broadband service, especially for smartphones. The provider’s network coverage is very good, although not as good as some other top providers like Verizon or Sprint. However, it not only offers US coverage but also coverage in some international locations. Another good quality is AT&T’s incredibly high-speeds and reliability. They boast faster than average 3G speeds and good 4G speed as well.

In the race to be the best mobile phone company, AT&T has always been one step ahead when it comes to the phones themselves. In terms of mobile broadband, they really stand out with their coverage for smartphones.  On top of that, some smartphones have the ability to be used as a mobile hotspot or modem when connected to 4G. That way you can tether your phone to your laptop or tablet and connect to the internet with the use of a broadband card.

AT&T tends to have a mediocre performance in the way of customer service according to sources like JD Power. Just like with its US coverage area, it is not the worst of the top providers by any means but it is also not the best. Customer reviews back up these findings on sites like Yelp and Epinions. Consumers were often frustrated with the service the received and others had no issues. Some noted that AT&T’s website is very helpful when you are trying to find information and solve issues on your own.

Verdict – Great

AT&T is a great choice as a mobile broadband provider because of its quick speeds and reliable coverage.  Even though AT&T is ranked lower in customer service and nationwide coverage it still provides quality service in these areas.