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Triple Play Bundles – Internet, TV & Phone Packages

If you are paying for home phone, TV and internet services from different providers then you’re probably spending more than you need to. Buying 2 or 3 (triple play), of these services together is known as bundling and has a number of advantages as opposed to buying them separately. The two main advantages of TV, home phone, and internet packages are that your overall bill is usually reduced if you purchase all the services from one provider. Additionally, you only have one company to deal with for paying bills, reporting problems or changing suppliers at a later date. The main disadvantage is that you are reliant on one provider for all your needs. Most people would agree that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Some of these bundles include cable/satellite TV and internet packages with a home phone service included so you can get fast cable internet speeds and a large range of channels.

Who provides what?

The two main options for triple play packages are cable and satellite although some service providers do supply their internet packages via DSL. The two main operators of satellite TV and internet services are DISH and DirecTV. You can find more details of satellite TV providers here. Companies including Time Warner Cable, XFINITY and AT&T use cable or fiber optic technology to deliver high speed internet services although some carriers provide their internet services via DSL which is typically slower. Here is a breakdown of the main providers:

XFINITY Bundles: XFINITY triple play packages offer high speed internet, phone and TV channels. Triple play bundles equate to mega savings because you don’t have to purchase the services individually. Comcast is rebranding as XFINITY so be aware that if you see XFINITY triple play packages or bundles, they’re pretty much provided by Comcast. Due to the cable internet technology that XFINITY internet employs, you are likely to benefit from faster speeds than DSL providers and will have access to up to 200+ TV channels.

AT&T Packages: AT&T triple play packages offer TV, phone and internet bundles. You’ll save over $700 compared to ordering the services individually according to the AT&T website. However, what may be more important is how they compare against other triple play providers in your area. Using our zip code checker and comparison services you can make your own assessment.

Time Warner Cable: Time Warner Cable triple play packages offer high speed internet, phone and TV. TWC bundles claim to save over $450 a year compared to buying the services individually.

Verizon: Verizon triple play bundles offer TV, internet and phone packages which include Verizon’s FiOS internet service, phone and digital TV including HD channels.

Charter: Charter triple play packages offer TV, phone and internet with a range of different deals available according to your budget and desired level of service. If you don’t need internet, phone, and TV there are double play packages available which offer just two of the three services. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll still save in the long run.

Cox: There are 3 Cox triple play packages available: bronze, silver and gold. All of these offer high speed internet, TV and phone services. Cox cable bundles all offer cable TV and cable internet meaning fast speeds and a large choice of channels. With a range of different options at different prices Cox cable packages offer triple play to suit most budgets.

Insight: Insight bundles offer fast cable internet, digital TV and home phone service. Insight triple play packages are available from around $60 per month making them a very affordable option. The Broadband Expert comparison tables can show you if these deals are available in your area by running a zip code availability check.

CenturyLink (including Qwest): Century link packages include a triple play option offering cable internet and TV, plus phone bundles which incorporate channels from DirecTV. Prices start at around $90 per month at the time of writing. CenturyLink bought Qwest so both companies are now part of the same organization.

Optimum: The triple play Optimum bundles offer TV, phone, and internet services. Optimum offers over 120 free TV channels including digital TV with their phone and high speed internet bundle packages.

Suddenlink: Like the other providers listed here, Suddenlink triple play packages offer high speed internet, TV, and phone. You can check if their services are available in your area with our address checker which can compare all triple play bundle packages available in your area.

Mediacom: Mediacom cable packages offer good value if taken as a triple play bundle. With cable internet and TV you get high speed internet and a good choice of digital TV alongside your home phone service. Mediacom packages can be compared against others in your area by using our availability checker.

Broadband Expert compares deals in your area

If you are looking for TV, phone and internet services in your area Broadband Expert provides a comparison of packages and bundles in your zip code. This includes satellite, DSL and cable TV, internet and phone services. For those who are interested in acquiring individual services then you can compare internet only packages here. Our comparison tables are designed to ensure you save money by weighing speeds, prices, and ratings for the various service providers.