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Best Internet Service Providers Reviews 2016

Choosing an internet provider can be a hassle, there’s no doubt about it. From the sales representatives who inundate you with ambiguous technical terms to the overwhelming number of advertisements that surround you on a daily basis, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between the providers. Most companies offer DSL, fiber optics, and 4G but do you know who offers the greatest quality service? Check out this year’s top five internet service providers but first take a look at some important factors to take into consideration:


The speed you’ll need is all dependent on what you intend to do online. If you’re a gamer you’ll need a significantly different level of service than an individual who only uses it to check their email a few days a week. Remember, evaluate your needs before you jump on the phone with an ISP rep because they’ll attempt to sell you the most expansive and elaborate package they offer. The speed of your connection is also affected by your geographical location, the time of day, and amount of traffic you generate.


Your geographical location plays a big role in the ISP services you have access to. For example, most remote homes won’t be able to purchase the type of service available in a mainstream city.


A service bundle is a great way to secure all the features you want without paying for each one individually.

Customer Service

Aside from the products, one of the most significant indicators of a proficient company is its customer service department. If for example, you’re internet goes down you’ll be relieved to have a helpful staff on hand to assist you throughout the troubleshooting process.

Security & Extras

Considering how much personal information is stored online, it’s essential to check the parameters of your internet security. Things like parental blocks can also be beneficial for families with young children. There’s no better way to prevent identity theft than taking the appropriate measures ahead of time.

Here are the top five providers in the industry:

Expert Rating
User Rating
2. AT&T U-verse
Expert Rating
User Rating
3. Time Warner Cable
Expert Rating
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4. Verizon FiOS
Expert Rating
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5. Cox
Expert Rating
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Take one final look at the providers listed. Weigh their pros and cons in accordance with your specific needs to find the one best suited for you. Many of these companies offer special features, bundles, and promotional discounts for eligible customers.