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Cable Providers in My Area

Broadband Expert provides a free service that allows you to run a search for cable providers in your area. Once you input your information, you’ll be able to compare plans by provider and choose the best choice for your budget. However, don’t assume that you’re limited in your choice of options. There are some good alternatives to cable TV and internet that could save you a significant amount of money.

Access to the internet using cable broadband is achieved through a co-axial cable network designed specifically to transfer data at high speeds. This differs greatly from the copper wires that are generally used for DSL—a system that was built with broadband and TV in mind. All that’s required to access the internet is a modem or router and a company which services your address. In the same way as a regular dial-up connection, a modem or router is used to forward data along a network.

How easy is it to get set-up?

A cable company representative will usually come to your home to install the TV, phone and internet equipment. After you order a package, the company will agree on a date for an engineer to visit your home. In all, set-up should take no longer than an hour. They’ll then give you a brief overview of how to use the equipment (although it’s normally very straight forward). If you have any technical problems after the representative leaves, you can always call the support line for additional instructions.

What about cable internet providers availability and coverage?

Cable internet caters to a wide range of users—from avid gamers to the periodic web surfer. Although cable internet availability does not cover the entire span of the US, it is spreading as providers increase their networks. If you haven’t already done so, run a Broadband Expert search for providers in your area. The low costs and high speeds also make it perfect for users looking to ditch their dial-up connections, which are quickly becoming outdated. If you still have dial-up trust us it’s time to switch and join this century!

What are the advantages and disadvantage compared to DSL companies?

The number of cable companies fighting for new customers has increased tremendously, which means one thing—savings! If you’re interested in a bundle that includes TV then it may be worthwhile to consider satellite companies like Dish Network and DirecTV. You can access these providers at the top of the Broadband Expert website.

On the downside, the technology suffers the same drawback as its rival DSL. Since it can only be accessed from a fixed location, a number of users are now opting for mobile broadband since it’s becoming more affordable and faster with the arrival of 4G.

One advantage is that there are a wide range of cable TV, phone and internet plans available from companies like Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, Cox, Charter and Insight. Bundles are much cheaper than buying the services individually. They are also convenient because you don’t have to deal with more than one supplier meaning less hassle and paperwork. You can use our site to compare prices and check for plans offering TV and phone bundles in addition to standalone high speed internet services.