About Broadband Expert

About Broadband Expert

Broadband Expert is part of Richweb Media LLC, a privately owned company specializing in consumer advice and price comparisons. Broadband Expert is independent of all internet, satellite, cable and mobile broadband providers. We aim to offer a no nonsense guide to meet your needs at the lowest price possible.

At Broadband Expert we:

  • Research digital home services including satellite, cable and internet providers for the lowest costs plus any hidden extras.
  • Show you which services are available at your address.
  • Compare TV and internet packages by broadband speeds, number of TV channels and price.
  • Provide information on broadband and related subjects to make you a more informed consumer.

How is this service provided free?

Our service is funded by the advertisements displayed on some of the pages. However, we are committed to providing accurate and unbiased information so you can rest assured that our reviews and advice are not swayed in any way.